Shaking (Anger so Deep)

Black Lives Matter - Toronto - Black Lives Matter Protesters

There is a lot in the world to be angry about these days. Sometimes I think, on behalf of many Christians I know, what will it be like for them to stand back in years to come and realize they stood on the wrong side of history?

That’s right, I just said that.

I just blocked another Christian from my Facebook account. This happened after I read her most recent post about how Donald Trump is pro-life and pro-Israel and God’s appointed, and that there really isn’t that much racism in America, and people need to stop believing the news, and those Christians who believe in the news and disagree with Trump can kiss heaven goodbye. Okay, I’m paraphrasing. But that was the gist.

Here’s the thing — STOP CONFLATING MY GOD WITH YOUR IDOLATRY. Because I’m calling it like I see it — the way Christian’s blindly venerate Donald Trump is nothing less than idolatry.

If you don’t believe racism exists, you have a right to your blind stupidity. If you believe Donald Trump is truly a good leader who cares about his nation above himself, that is your right. Just stop bringing Jesus into it! Stop.

Just stop.

I am still so angry I am shaking. Today, of all days, on the day when George Floyd is being honored, when people at his funeral are standing for 8 minutes and 46 seconds — which illustrates what a bloody long time that actually is, by the way — do not go spouting your propaganda and calling it faith.

On her wall, I told her I sincerely hope God opens her eyes. I mean that. The irony, of course, is that she isn’t Caucasian. Filipino, I think, married to a Canadian man, so their three lovely children are also not white-skinned. If she and her family have not experienced racism directed their way, I am happy for her. That doesn’t mean it isn’t real. At the very least, what she could accurately say is that she has not experienced much racism here in Canada. Had she stated her beliefs that way, well, you can’t argue with personal experience, can you? But she didn’t.

And I am done listening to Christians express thoughts which denigrate the precepts of love thy neighbour as thyself, and if you’ve done it to the least of these, and the entire story of the Good Samaritan, while suggesting that such stances are an embodiment of any kind of Christian morality or faith. I am fed up.

When are the rest of you brothers and sisters gonna get fed up, too?

I am white – black lives matter is not my experience.


I am human – so black lives matter is my fight.

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